Valerie L. Judd
       Licensed Massage Therapist
         Certified Health Coach

Massage Therapy
Massage is so good, promotes relaxation and well being.  Laying down on a massage table for rubbing will make any person feel brand new again, Fact.
Regeneration and oygenation of blood through the entire body, head to toe. Best medicine any time or anyday of the week. In ancient times BC500 otherwise known as
"Father Doctor"
Body Work
Thai, Reflexology, Structural Integration are a few types of bodywork in which you are clothed comfortably. These modalities work the pressure points and manipulate soft tissue at a slow pace.  The muscle tissue is moved in a way that is more corrective with long lasting effects. 
These modalities also help to remove fluid in the body improving range of motion, posture, inflammation, adhesions in the tissue, anxiety and emotional distress. 
Meditation and Breathing in and out is what helps to bring your body down to a restful place.  You begin to reoxygenate blood to your body & brain creating an 'empty' space for new and creative ideas to flow.
I incorporate guided meditation and breathing exercise into each massage or bodywork session.
Health Coaching
Challenges you to develop your inner wisdom, identify your values, and transform you goals into action. 
I work on a non-judgmental basis and every issue is a relate able life experience. Working with a Health Coach has a great impact in relation to the whole 'Letting Go' theory, allowing for each of us to simply move forward in our lives naturally and with enthusiasm. 
Integrative Nutrition
Integrative Nutrition is everything healthy and healing. Massage, Bodywork, Coaching, Therapy, Exercise, Good diet & nutrition, Healthy relationships.  It's about being kind to YOURSELF, listening to YOURSELF and loving YOURSELF.